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B&C specialises in everything from breaking in and difficult horses all the way to Racehorses and Coaching.

Both Ben and Christina are dressage riders and love to bring their passion for the correct basics throughout every horse in their barn .


Christina also coaches and is known for her passion and dedication to her students. 

B&C have one goal and that is to help horse and rider find harmony together

I came across B&C Equestrian when I had a young horse that needed some training, Ben & Tina welcomed me to come meet them, see the place for myself & their work before I decided on them for the job. I was so impressed with the dedication and care they put into their work with the horses but also the clients, they communicated daily with updates on progress as well as recommendations along the way. After a few weeks training we agreed that the horse wasn’t suitable for me & they offered to campaign him for sale and too the pressure off me. But the care didn’t stop there, they also searched to find the right fit for me and make sure I had plenty of riding opportunity to make sure he was the perfect horse for me, including taking time out of their days on Xmas eve & New Years Eve, which I don’t know many people that would. Now as my coach, Tina goes above & beyond for us, from making sure we have goals to keep us accountable to helping us load on for lessons when I’m floating alone and the old boy is being stubborn, to even pushing me to ride when I’ve had a bad day or life is just seeming all to complicated or answering my nutritional questions about feeding ideas.. Ben & Tina are your biggest supporters and make you feel so welcome and part of the family, your not just another student to them & I’ll forever be grateful to have found them. I tell everyone how much I highly recommend them for anything needed with horses because you truly won’t find better people.

Alyssha Kerslake

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